Incomparable History

There is no farm with a prouder, more dedicated or more proven sense of tradition than Runnymede Farm. The 365-acre nursery nestled sweetly in Bourbon County has produced winners for more than three centuries.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Just before midnight on January 17, the most important, exciting and nerve-wracking time of the year began in earnest at Runnymede.

The first member of our 2017 crop arrived in the deep straw in our foaling barn when the aptly named Unbridled’s Song mare O Beautiful lay down and gave birth to a strong, handsome colt by Hard Spun.

He will be one of 30 foals we expect this year at the farm. All will enchant us with their big eyes, their soft muzzles, their long wobbly legs. ...

Thursday, January 19, 2017
Among many other things, Brutus J. Clay III is a runner, and he likes to watch dawn break as he cruises through his family's farm. Along the way he will stop to document a beautiful sunrise or a quizzical horse watching his efforts. He posts the best photos onto the farm's Instagram account, which is a sentence his predecessors legitimately couldn't even being to understand...

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